Why settle for impressions?

Pay per view – nothing else!

On Biites you only pay for actual video views, not for the marketing required to lead your audience to your videos. We are experts in putting your content in front of the right audience via our trailer marketing. 

The impressions we generate as we drive traffic to your videos are free of charge – they are simply included in your video distribution plan. This means that you only pay for actual video views – and those views are guaranteed.

In effect we’ve turned the traditional video distribution model upside down which differentiates us from the rest of the market. Keep scrolling to learn why this is an incredible advantage for your brand. 

the video distribution model
turned upside down


Video views on Biites are not just random views – they are qualified views by people in your target audience. Moreover, on Biites was built to drown distractions and ad noise which means that your content has your audience’s full attention.

WHy the BIITES model is advantageous

Traditional video platforms let brands buy ads leading up to their own long-form video content. These ads usually offer no guarantee for turning impressions into video views – and video views could be shown off-screen and in distracting environments filled with other content and ads from competing brands. 

By turning the distribution model upside down and offering guaranteed views we have essentially removed your risks and improved the quality of your video distribution in one go.

1. We drive the traffic = no risk
2. You only pay for video views = guaranteed views
3. The audience is qualified = relevant audience
4. No distraction = full audience attention

CHOOSing your video QUALITY

On Biites your videos are guaranteed a certain amount of views of a certain quality. You choose a desired video view quality and let us know how many video views you need to meet your business KPI’s. 

We will build the perfect high quality video distribution plan for you including our guarantee to deliver the agreed amount of views to your video. 

The quality options available, depends on the length of your videos.  Please reach out to us if you wish to dive deeper into the specific opportunities available to your brand or try a free demo.

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viewing quality


With Biites we are able to combine quality with reach to ensure the best performance of our brand partnerships.

George Hiles / Global Head of Media, Secret Escapes

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