Biites launches in the Netherlands

Biites Launch the Netherlands

Amsterdam, 10 May 2022 – The new streaming service Biites started today in the Netherlands. Biites is a video platform where organisations publish high-quality video content. Carlijn Postma, author and founder of content marketing agency The Post, represents the company in the Benelux.

The originally Danish startup is growing fast, with recent expansions to the United Kingdom and the United States. Biites meets the growing need of brands to connect with their audience with quality films. “At Biites, we’re also seeing a huge appetite from consumers who want to watch quality, ad-free long-form videos. And that offers a huge opportunity for brands,” said Postma, who argues that longer content also has a future. “Audiences only have a short time for you if you are not relevant. Consumers spend many hours on streaming services every month, so that means they really do have time for good stories.”


Room for quality

DFDS, Rental Cars, Macallan, Carlsberg, Jaguar and Velux, among others, use Biites to distribute quality long-form video content. For the Dutch launch, Justdiggit, The Post, FBTO, DELA, LvB with HCSS and have joined this list. Postma: “Biites is not targeted by competing brands and the viewer’s viewing experience is not disturbed by advertisements. The content is carefully curated to ensure quality and give space to longer, quality films. Moreover, it is specifically built for long videos, creating a different viewing experience.” 

“The future for brands is all about connecting better with their audience. Our advanced technology and ad-free strategy provide an optimised user experience, in an environment unmatched by any competitor. ” says Helle Jabiri Falck, CCO/COO and co-founder at Biites.


Guaranteed views

Postma is confident in Biites’ business model: “At Biites you can buy your own channel, but the most used variant in Denmark and the UK is pay per view. Companies publish their video on and buy a guaranteed number of views of the content on the platform. Such a view can be from thirty seconds, but also from one hundred and twenty seconds. This depends on your objective, the length of your video and of course your budget. Biites provides these guaranteed views through online trailer campaigns. That means that, in addition to the views on Biites, you also have a large number of views on various, carefully selected media.” 

“Videos on Biites have a guaranteed, minimum average play time, which is much higher than current industry benchmarks. As a premium platform for brand storytelling, we deliver industry-leading video engagement KPIs that are 5x higher than YouTube and 55x higher than Facebook,” says Nina Nørgaard Jacobsen, CEO and co-founder of Biites.


About Biites

The global video platform Biites is the ‘Home of Branded Programming’ offering brands and content creators access to an ad-free streaming service available to users worldwide. Biites is the place for brand storytelling. The Copenhagen-based company, which specialises in long-form branded content and is backed by First Party Capital, delivers an ad-free, brand safe and 100% viewable marketing platform to advertisers for global and local branded video content.

Biites drives actions and conversions based on the engagement data of the long-form videos. Founded by Nina Nørgaard Jacobsen and Helle Jabiri Falck, Biites takes a data-driven approach to premium content distribution, focusing on the right audiences. The platform is built from the ground up with transparency and quality as standards. It uses first-party data combined with best-in-class artificial intelligence (AI), which enhances the user experience, ensures deeper brand engagement and unparalleled performance.

The company offers several local language platforms in the US, UK, Germany and Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway). Clients include well-known international brands such as Jaguar, GSK and Secret Escapes,, Carlsberg and South Africa Tourist Board. For more information please visit: