5 ways to keep your brand audience engaged for longer


Performance Marketing World just shared an article featuring Biites’ Commercial Director, Ash Stedman, giving brands 5 tips to improving brand audience engagement and long form video distribution.

Guaranteed performance for long form video

Brands have a wealth of options available for sharing video ads but finding a home for longer form content can prove challenging. It’s easy to thrust a 6-, 15- or 30-second clip in front of an unexpecting audience for peripheral attention, but ensuring audiences engage meaningfully with the full-length version is a loftier goal. 

Guaranteed performance options are few and far between. Social giants and distributors in between offer 3 to 30 seconds of low-quality outcomes where content is teased in cluttered environments.

Why do brands continually invest in awareness activity, relying on a click through for the longer engaged views? 

In a world where your car can now get you from A to B without you touching the steering wheel, it seems archaic that the outcomes brands invest in deliver performance on a 0.something% scale with zero guarantees. It is about time that longer form content gets the performance the investment deserves.

What if instead of approaching one or two sites that have the target audience contextually, we cast a wider net, driving highly qualified audiences from dozens of sources to a distraction-free and non-sales-focused streaming environment. Much like over-the-top media [OTT], providers promote their latest series.

The 5 step guide to boosting long form branded content

It’s time brands demanded guaranteed performance, real attention, uninterrupted viewing and guaranteed view times in minutes as default. Advertisers often assume that long-form branded content won’t work for them – an expensive, risky endeavour with performance left open-ended. However, it doesn’t have to be that way if you follow Ash’s advice featured on PMV.
Read the 5 step guide >.


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