3 questions to ask yourself before distributing longform branded video content in 2022

#1 Are you guaranteed views of high quality?

When making a single video or a series, consider how many views you are reaching for, and for how long your audience should watch it. A view is not just a view! It’s much more valuable to have your audience watching for 3 minutes rather than 3 seconds. Not many distribution platforms offer you any guarantees when it comes to the quality of the views, so make sure to know what you are paying for.  

#2 Do you give your audience a premium viewing experience?

The viewing experience will for sure affect the way that your video is consumed – and therefore how it performs. A dark, cinematic viewing environment with no interruptions or ads will set the scene in a very different way than a colorful, noisy viewing environment with ads before, after, and during the video. The last scenario will simply challenge the concentration of the audience resulting in shorter time spent with your video content.     

#3 Will the video appear and be seen in a brand safe environment?

The audience is not only seeing your video, but they are also paying attention to the context. If the content appears alongside problematic or inappropriate content, that could potentially damage the brand and the whole viewing experience. That’s why you can grow much more engagement and generate positive brand awareness by choosing a brand safe distribution environment.

At Biites, we have incorporated these key standards in our video distribution model. And we do not compromise! Quality content deserves quality distribution.

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