Long-form video distribution

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Marketers have been getting it wrong on long-form video

Trying to generate short-term impressions and data to create followers is not the right approach for long-form content. These videos deserve a much longer and more impactful lifespan.

Brands have an ever-present opportunity to create video content that audiences will engage with, even become immersed in, but often find that there’s nowhere to put it. This results in many long-form videos being cut up into smaller pieces to fit into the distribution options available on social media platforms and Youtube. 

In this article on Mediatel News our COO and Co-founder at Biites, Helle Jabiri, shares her expertise on branded content and long-form video distribution. She challenges the traditional marketing funnel and the way long-form video content is typically distributed today. 

How your brand can make the most of your long-form content?

If you are interested in discussing your brand’s distribution opportunities for long-form video content we’re always more than happy to help. Did you know that you can book a demo with one of our brand video experts completely free of charge? Reach out to us today and get a customized plan for your video distribution.