Disrupting the attention economy

A defining year for attention

The year 2022 has been dubbed ‘a defining year for attention’. This focus is deeply needed. Attention has become a scarce resource – a report by Dentsu found only one-third of adverts get the audience’s full attention. Where possible, people will skip ads or look away.

Solving the problem of the ‘attention economy’ is not an easy fix. Ash Stedman, Commercial Director at Biites, argues for a step-change, not only in how we measure and plan for attention, but also in how brands create strategies with attention at the heart.

“Brands should look beyond attention, and instead consider how to create and distribute content so good that nobody wants to turn it off,” writes Ash Stedman.

Read why Ash believes that longer-form content is the next vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to securing customer attention in his full opinion post on WARC here. 

More about how to improve audience attention?

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