Why we build Biites – a Brand Safe and Ad-free Streaming Service for branded programming

At Biites, people gain knowledge from brands and brands gain knowledge about people. Here, stories are told from brave brands with something at heart. Stories that we remember, talk about, and act upon. Stories that entertain, provide knowledge or make us laugh. Stories that are chosen for their attraction.

Too many good stories from brands are distributed as traditional ads and therefore drown out in digital noise or live a secret life without an audience. We think that’s a pity. And that’s why we’ve created Biites – an online environment for the best stories from brave brands with something at heart.

▶️ Go to Biites.com and start streaming

At Biites, you are free to immerse yourself in the best, most beautiful and most meaningful stories – all without disturbing advertisements and noise. Put it this way: at Biites we see not only brands as advertisers but as valuable storytellers – because we believe that brands can contribute knowledge and stories that make the world wiser and more fun. Enjoy!

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