Why make great films – and NOT show it to an audience?

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Few people invest in their favorite red wine and then drink it on the bench in front of the local mall. This is also the case with films. If you put all efforts into producing the best film, why not try to invite the right people to watch it in the best environment?

Companies and brands are becoming increasingly skilled at producing long, beautiful and relevant films that create value for both brands and viewers. There are high demands on content, production, format etc. – but many people forget to set equally high demands on distribution and context, that is, where the film should be watched and shared.

The use of video is growing year by year – a trend that seems to continue in 2020. On social media, there is an abundance of short films of max. 15 seconds containing easily decodable tactical messages. But fortunately, we see a lot of great, well-produced films of more than 2 minutes from brave brands with something on their mind. The challenge is that these good films are often “parked” on Youtube, where they live a quiet life in noisy surroundings.

Higher distribution requirements would undoubtedly result in far more viewers, higher average viewing time, more valuable brand interactions and, not least, the collection of valuable consumer data.

Too many good films do not reach their full potential at all – measured in numbers of views and in engagement time. Higher quality demands for distribution would undoubtedly contribute to far more viewers, higher average viewing time, more valuable brand interactions and, not least, the collection of valuable consumer data.

Consumers’ time and attention are often in short supply. A meaningful and valuable interaction with the target audience requires that the material contributes to value. That the consumer becomes wiser, gets a better feeling or is otherwise enriched. Longform movies can help. The prerequisites for increased awareness and brand preference are strengthened when the format “captivates” consumers – and here the commercial involvement, which is so valuable, is achieved in its full.

Consumers very much want to interact with brands that provide valuable experiences. Preferably for a longer time, too! Brands are raised to experts in the eyes of consumers, and meeting their relevant content in a neutral environment makes it extra credible to interact and spend longer time with branded. At Biites, the average interaction time is up to 5.5 min! Time that gives our users new knowledge, entertainment, inspiration and relaxation by listening to and watching the storytelling of brave brands.

Imagine getting more than 500,000 minutes of attention from your target audience

Jaguar’s documentary “Going Electric” and Beauté Pacifique’s anniversary film “A Danish Adventure” get respectively 9 and 13 minutes average play time on Biites. None of these films are “typical” commercials with a tactical punchline at the end. Instead, they are films that tell engaging, relevant brand stories, and both have obtained more than 500,000 full engagement minutes on the Biites platform so far.

Many brands have really good stories to tell, and all people love to listen to a good story. These are the ones we remember. These are the ones we are talking about. These are the ones we act on.

Many brands have good stories to tell, and most people love to tell a good story. These are the ones we remember. The ones we’re talking about. The ones we’re shopping for. Should your good stories be told on a platform that provides quality experiences with your brand? Then take a look at biites.com. Here there is no advertising noise or interruptions. No pre-rolls, displays or exit links that steal your attention. Just 100% focus on the company’s many good video stories, and on creating the best experience between the brand and the target audience.

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